By Chidera Stephen

Curly hair is very delicate and requires great care. Although some people are blessed with thick kinky hair, natural hair still demands caution for it to flourish and be healthy. We are always in constant search for those tips needed to grow and maintain our natural hair. Check out these simple tips to grow your type 4c (not sure what type of hair you have? Check the types out here) hair below:

Tips to Grow Type 4C Hair

  • Shrinkage: From my experience, I have realized that shrinkage is more of a friend than an enemy. Curly hair, especially 4c texture, shrinks a lot leaving you in utmost confusion. Some people conclude that their hair isn’t growing while others think it probably fell off. Shrinkage is actually a sign of healthy hair because it means your curls can bounce back to its original state when exposed to humidity. Therefore, to grow healthy hair we need to accept natural hair shrinkage. This includes adopting safer means of combating shrinkage without employing excess heat.
  • Moisturize: Natural hair needs water, so if you desire healthy hair, drinking water is a must. Also, spritz the hair with water in the morning and at evenings to keep it moisturized. When the hair is fed with moisture both internally and externally, it stays alive. This is because dry hair breaks off easily. Seal in moisture using any oil of your choice or shea butter. Remember, 4c hair has low porosity and tends to lose moisture easily so you have to keep replenishing it.
  • Acceptance: A pressing issue in the natural hair community is the comparison and discrimination of hair texture. It’s very good to admire another person’s hair but distasteful to hate one’s texture. If you hate your texture and always nag about it, how then do you expect it to flourish? You have to accept the hair that grows out of your scalp if you want to notice progress.
  • Hair regimen: It is very important to build a favourable hair routine. This goes a long way in monitoring hair response to different products and it helps to keep track of methods that work for the hair. It is advisable to wash with shampoo once every two weeks then cowash (washing with conditioner) every other week. Frequent deep conditioning also helps to strengthen natural hair. Scalp massages help soothe the scalp and promotes hair growth. Always remember to use a silk or satin scarf at night or during the day too. This helps keep hair protected since it prevents the end of your hair from rubbing of fabrics that can cause breakage.
  • Time: New naturals are mostly in a haste to grow out their hair and so they fall prey to these products that promise hair growth within two days; very unrealistic. Considering genetics and the amount of hair one can retain coupled with good hair practices, a person should be able to grow out hair within a reasonable time span. Natural needs time to grow so be patient and you will definitely see an improvement.


You can check out the video below for a recap on growing a healthy type 4c hair:



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