Dyeing your hair from the comfort of your bathroom like a prom or to achieve a salon worthy results is quite rewarding and so much fun. There are ways of switching your look, little wonder 82% dye their hair at home according to GH Beauty Lab Survey. Just like there are rules guiding everything, so goes for dying of your hair in order to get a long-lasting result. Drastic changes should however be avoided so you don’t get your hair damaged. Skill, basic familiarity with science and dexterity, are required when dying your hair and this is the reason appointments with stylist in the salon are quite expensive.

We will share some advice from hair professionals on how to take the right decisions when you want to dye your hair. There are about twelve hair colours. And no matter the colour you want to dye your hair into, be it nude, pixie-dust purple, platinum, etc. we advise you follow and stick to the direction on the dye box.


The All Over Section- Keep These in Mind Before Dyeing Your Hair

  1. There are natural oils that act as a barrier against irritation on your scalp, therefore, do not wash your hair for at least two days or after relaxing (perming) before applying your dye. Kiyah Wright, a professional and celebrity hair colorist says those with super-sensitive skin should add ‘Sweet N Low’ to dye before applying so as to stop the drying effects of ammonia.
  2. Apply the dye on a small section to first do a strand test. This will help you manage your time as the texture of your hair becomes a great factor. Five to ten minutes may be used, but for dry or coarse hair texture, the recommended time should be used.
  3. It’s very important to read leaflet (directions) inside any product you want to use so no mistakes will be incurred. Therefore, read the instructions in the box thoroughly.
  4. The heat from your scalp develop faster at the root so apply the dye half inch away from your scalp. Cover your roots when you’re halfway done with your hair. For professional results, use a colour hairbrush.

Highlight Your Hair

  1. For that natural sun-kissed look, that’s one shade lighter than your colour base is perfect. So, after following the first three steps in the All Over Section, a strand test is done and instructions read thoroughly, blow-dry, style and part your hair normally, then the pieces to highlight will be shown.
  2. From the front of your hair, start by working on to the back of your crown. Section out ten quarter inch wide pieces, a quarter of an inch apart. Spacing them evenly will not be necessary, this will give you asymmetrical natural highlights.
  3. Use a toothbrush to apply the solution from the root to the ends if you’re not using a professional level highlight kit. This can be more handful for you than some brushes.
  4. Allow the dye sit for the stipulated time, but if you’re not comfortable, rinse five minutes earlier and check the colour. With a clear gloss treatment, finish washing it off, this will boost the shine and seal the colour. We recommend Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss treatment.

Blond-Blonder Dye

Dyeing your hair at home is fun as we earlier said, but for a dramatic hair transformation, please, in order not to damage your hair, let it alone to be handled by professionals. Already blond can however go a little lighter at home.

  1. After you’re done with the first three steps in the All Over Colour Section, apply the solution forward from your back hair, not forgetting to keep it one inch away from your roots. To cover every strand of hair, massage the colour in very well.
  2. Allow to sit for about twenty to thirty minutes, but keep in mind to check the progress every five to ten minutes. You may see a tincture (trace or shade) of red, do not be alarmed as hair exposes in stages.
  3. Apply the remaining solution after thirty minutes to the roots. Then depending on how light you want your hair, leave for additional ten to thirty minutes.
  4. Take some strands of your hair, rinse and pull gently to check for breakage, if it breaks, rinse your hair immediately. Use a bond repair or protein mask product eg. Olaplex but if it still has a golden shade, then leave the solution to sit for another ten minutes. Thereafter, wash with warm water, shampoo and condition your hair.

Awful new hair look?

  • Get clarifying shampoo
  • Conditioning Mask
  • Few pantry goods

Turned out Too Dark?

Baking Soda is like a mild detergent, so mix one tablespoon with a clarifying shampoo and allow it sit on wet hair for about five minutes. Another was is by using Olive on your wet hair, cover it with a shower cap and place a hot towel on it (manual steaming). A few dye molecules slip out as heat opens up the cuticle.

Turned Out Too Light?

If your hair tuned out to be lighter or pale than your desired shade, then reapply the solution, especially on the areas that are too light or faint. Make sure to keep checking so it doesn’t go more than you want even though the solution is sitting on your hair for at least thirty minutes. But if it turns out into what you don’t like, just seek a professional touch.

Turned Out to be Sassy (Brassy/Bold)?

Your hair colour after application might become too confident, aggressive, loud and sometimes annoying.

If your hair turns out to be bold or sassy, then all you need is to use a Lavender-Hue Shampoo to tone it down for some days especially if you used a semi-permanent dye. However, you can go for a much cooler tone with blue base if you initially went with a permanent formula.

Exposed to Chlorine and Turned Green?

You can do a mask treatment or use a clarifying shampoo to wash off the tint. We recommend Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Deep Treatment Hair Mask for a deep mask treatment.

If it doesn’t work, try using Ketchup.  The acid in the Ketchup helps in neutralizing colour reaction as the red frustrated (offsets or counteracts) the green.

We also recommend that before going into the pool, learn how to keep your hair colour intact. Your hair colour can last long with Sulfate-free, color-preserving shampoo and conditioner, you can treat your hair the way you do your skin.


To make full meaning of the ingredients inside your shampoo, follow these guides:

  1. You shouldn’t shampoo always – Instead of shampooing your hair with water regularly, spoil the roots with a dry shampoo because wet shampooing can wash off the hair colour. There are times you will want to use water on your hair, so use a little quantity of shampoo or better still, with warm water, rinse, condition and style your hair to taste.
  2. Mask treat it – For your hair to be hydrated, soft and smooth, deep mask it with a conditioner regularly.
  3. Glaze your hair – Glazing your hair once a week adds shine and leaves a transparent coat of colour on it after using a colour enhancing gloss as a topcoat. We recommend it should be a lighter weight formula.
  4. Protect from UV Rays – UV rays (sun) is the worst in discoloration of both skin and hair colour. Therefore, use Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion to spritz your hair at least thirty minutes before you go out. By doing this, your hair is protected from losing its colour faster. Another thing that can help keep your hair colour safe is the use of a rimmed hat.


Have you considered dyeing your hair? What colour are you thinking of? If you have dyed your hair, how was the experience? Leave a comment down below.

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