Every womans desire is to have a full beautiful long hair, as well defined edges bring out the beauty of a woman’s hair, hence the need to grow one. But, often times are faced with challenges such as short hair growth, breaking hair, hair discoloration, weak hair, stubborn hair, etc., to mention a few. Our edges are very fragile and delicate therefore it is very important we give them as much attention and care.

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To help you out and gain those edges back, we would be extensively looking at a step by step process on how to grow your edges and how to keep them in place. So for those of us with poor hair growth at your edges, you can gladly give your lack of hair in that region a goodbye kiss.


According to Black hair Information, edges refer to hair around the hairline including baby hairs, which are sometimes styled into elaborate designs.

In slang terminology, they are referred to as “baby hairs” that are not particularly ready for growth but are seen to be present all through the hairline.

Apparently, from observation and by virtue of their nature, they can be described particularly as the weakest and most fragile part of the hair. Due to their fragile nature, it’s little wonder why they pose themselves as most women’s biggest problems. In a bid to grow these tender hair back, most women have resorted to the use of all sorts of hair products ranging from creams to serums, oils, shampoos, conditioners and loads more. But then, it still remains a vital topic of discussion and why? We would tell you why.

Most of these products are sold to ensure gains on the part of the manufacturers, and people like to be told what they would like to hear making most women gullible to all sorts of marketed products which in the end, produces little or no results. Not only that, there is a case of inconsistency and impatience. We want to get results and we want to get results now, or in a week or in a few days. The hair being one of the sensitive parts of the human body, takes some time to grow.

However, it is no one’s fault, what can we do? We just seem to apply different approaches and methods to solving our edge problems.


Edges over time have been known to be a dire topic for women over the years. Our old ones might say, it never used to be that way in our time, this generation, however, seems to be faced with numerous challenges and problems especially related to health, beauty and fashion.

Bad edges can be caused by a variety of reasons and they include:


Trying to look beautiful or maintain a trend in our community, women would do anything to keep up with these fashion trends in hairstyles without considering the long-term benefit or effects. The truth is women are not made to see the negative implication of these styles, all they see is a beautifully patterned weaving in vogue made by different stylists and the need to have that look anyway, somehow.

Phew! Funny right? There is always a desire and also an extension of these desires.

Looking good they say is good business, and looking good helps in the way you are addressed, it always gives women a confidence boost which directly is proportional to their carriage and charisma and even their tone of speech in short.

Also, these stylists want to make a brand from their styles which invariably will hand them massive returns on investment as they will successfully be able to sell a brand and their name in turn. Trying to achieve this, they use popular celebrities to market these styles and the producers/manufacturers of the weave-on hair, or braid hair such as crotchet and the likes.

Now, the human hair is very sensitive and a consistent application of some sort of pressure could stand as a potential damage to its growth and in turn ensure to remove already grown hair in place. The use of tight weaving on edges would lead to the removal of hair in such region.


Gels are designed to keep hair in place and are used for hair-styles. Frequent use of gels can make you lose your edges in turn. Most spray-gels are definitely a no-no for the hair.


Use of hard combs to comb the hair excessively would make you lose your edges.


It is common knowledge to relax one’s hair when it’s due for one. However, most women use the wrong hair relaxing cream due to lack of proper knowledge on their hair types and sometimes fall victim to fake products. Using the wrong hair relaxing cream can damage your edges due to instant burns that might result from the application.

Also, a delay in the timing of relaxing hair cream on the hair can also cause you to lose your edges.


Yes, that’s right! Some people suffer from receding hairlines around their edges which are traits exhibited in their family tree by virtue of the dominance of the gene and the dozens of hormones responsible for hair loss. Below are a few of the hormones that majorly contribute to hair loss at the edges by Griffin Center hair researchers.


    This is responsible for genetic pattern baldness (Androgeneti alopecia) and receding hairline at the edges of one’s head. It is believed to be caused by oversensitivity to DHT which happens to be a by-product of the breakdown of testosterone in the body. This is mostly scientifically proven for men and believed to contribute to hair loss in women with high androgens in their system.


    This hormone is secreted in the thyroid by the thyroid gland and is responsible for maintaining the energy required for the body to function properly and an excessively high production could lead to the production of hypothyroidism which may cause abnormalities in the system, hair loss inclusive.


    An appropriate production or release of estrogen in the system can be beneficial to hair growth, temperance and sex drive. However, an over secretion or under secretion could result in unpleasant cases including thinning hair loss.


    This hormone is released in the pancreas and is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels including health improvement, storage of fat and hair growth. According to research, women with some level of insulin resistance are susceptible to thinning hair loss and in the process result to a lack of hair on their edges.


    This is triggered when the body is subjected to stress often times and when triggered, it converts protein in the body to energy, releasing glycogen in the process and fights against inflammation. This fighting process is only ideal for a short-term process but if transpiring for too long, would wear the body’s defenses down thereby destroying healthy muscles and bones and slowing down normal cell generation which could lead to hair loss amongst other things.



edges hair

One question on a lot of minds is, how do I grow my edges back? In as much as there are inevitable causes of hair loss on edges, there are quite a number of ways to bring your edges back to life.


To grow right, there is a need to eat right. The same goes for your edge-growth, there are diets that foster the growth of your edges. Below, are seven foods that are thought to make your hair grow which are recommended by Harvard and Yale Medical School-trained nutritionist Jayson Calton, Ph.D., and licensed nutritionist and fitness chef Mira Calton, CN.


yellow pepper

Vitamin C is one of the active ingredients responsible for hair growth. Most times, when we hear Vitamin C, the first source that comes to mind is orange. There are many sources of vitamin C with an astonishingly high supply and one of them is yellow pepper. Yellow pepper is said to contain five times more vitamin C than oranges. It also serves as an antioxidant that strengthens the hair follicle, scalp and at the same time prevents breakage.



Oysters are known to be loaded with zinc in the appropriate amounts which are beneficial to your hair growth as one of the active ingredients responsible for hair growth is zinc.



Salmon is a type of fish which happens to be a strong supporter of great hair growth because it contains vitamin D and proteins. It also contains omega-3-fatty acid.

  • EGGS

egg yolk

Eggs are an excellent source of hair growth as it contains omega-3-fatty acid and proteins. It helps to repair your edges and lead to hair restoration of hair in the region. However, the main part of eggs responsible for hair growth is the yolk.


sweet potatoes

It’s known to contain Vitamin A which promotes hair growth on scalp and hair growth generally.



The application of avocados on your edges correspondingly stimulates collagen and elastin production. Also, infusing it into your diets would lead to hair growth and repair damaged hair cells.

It’s also advisable to mix avocados with sour cream which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and clean up build up on the scalp.


sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E. Using a few in your diet can do the trick because sunflower seeds supply blood to the scalp and promote faster hair growth.


Other food items to include in your diets include vegetables.



Shea butter contains fatty acids like stearic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid and arachidic acid. The stearic acid has the ability to blend with oils and water, hence its ability to be used as an additive for hair growth.

Shea butter cream serves as a hair moisturizer amongst other properties.



According to Wikipedia, castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant.

It is known to have therapeutic properties that help to heal damages to the hair, build up damaged hair cells. It serves as a hair sealant, and an exfoliant. Also, make use of tea-tree oil to your edges.


  1. Apply hair moisturizers to your edges and be sure of a steady improvement. Moisturizers will keep your edges healthy and trigger growth in the process.


  1. Do not use your weaves and extensions for some months, that way you make your regions. Create some breathing space to let in some hair and a natural growth process while applying all that is needed for your hair growth. Also, ensure to stay off some tight weaves for a long while too that way your hair is sure to have the right atmosphere to bounce back to its former glory or the way you would expect it to be.


  1. Avoid the use of tight hair scarves that would apply pressure on your edges.


  1. Avoid the use of hair relaxing cream on your edges while undergoing your hair treatments


  1. Do not suppress your edges to excessive heat and steam.


  1. Ensure you undergo some hair massage therapy with hair moisturizers and treatment to your edges


  1. Avoid the use of chemical hair coloring for the period of edge therapy


  1. Ensure your treatment is taken consistently, twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.


  1. Make use of herbal organic hair shampoos and conditioners.


  1. Also, make sure your edges are not exposed to harsh weather conditions such as harmattan.


Now, once all these are judiciously observed, it’s imperative not to relax on your oars. They say, ‘’once you get to the top, you have to work hard to remain at the top’’.

Work on your treatments and therapy consistently and avoid changing your hair treatment cream. It’s best to stick to what you know that has always worked for you during your edge growth process.

What methods do you use in maintaining and growing your edges?

How to Grow your Edges
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How to Grow your Edges
Every woman’s desire is to have a full beautiful long hair, hence the need to grow one. To help you out and gain your edges back, we would be extensively looking at a step by step process on how to grow your edges and how to keep them in place.
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