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We are all born with hair and while some have as little as two small patches on each side of their head and one on top, others have a full head of it. These days even pregnancy birth applications talk about the hair just as much as they talk about the development of the other parts and organs of the body. That’s not such a bad thing because like they say, hair is the crown you never take off.

Just like there are different kingdoms and different crowns, there also are, literally, different kinds of hair. Actually, no, there are more crowns and kingdoms than there are hair types; because basically, there are only 4 types of hair. These hair types are: Straight, wavy, curly, kinky.

What type of hair do I have?

Let’s get to it then. We’ll be detailing properties of the different hair types as well as the drawbacks and advantages they might have.

  • Type 1 (Straight Hair)

Type 1 hair

This hair type is as the name says, straight. Not wavy, not curly but straight. Straight tangle-free hair which is easy to comb. Oil from the scalp is evenly distributed since it can reach all the way down because the hair is straight; this therefore tends to make the hair oily. It is also said that straight hair can be boring and lifeless since it not easily curled and is not easily manipulated. However, amongst all hair types, this is the hair that is not fragile and not easily damaged.


  • Type 2 (Wavy Hair)

Type 2 hair

This hair type is in-between straight hair and curly hair; that is, not so straight but then, not that curly, therefore, wavy. It is sometimes described as hair that looks like the waves of the ocean when it is calm and listening, loose, or like a carefree written letter “S”. It looks lightweight and so products that are lightweight should be used on it too. Products that are heavy make it frizz easily. Wavy hair is also often mistaken for curly hair and treated with curly hair products thereby damaging the hair. It however has less oil and is easily styled compared to straight hair.

  • Type 3 (Curly Hair)


Type 3 hair

This type of hair is characterized by its well-defined springy texture. It is a definite letter “S” shape which could either be lower case or upper case; unlike the type 2 hair that is a loose carefree written letter “S”. It is tighter, has more volume and more weight than the wavy hair. Type 3 hair can retain oil and moisture because of these characteristics. The downside though is it is damage-prone. It is very dependent on the climate and a humid place will cause frizzing and drying of the hair. Fortunately, now is the right time to have type 3 hair because there are so many products and videos about curls and its maintenance these days.

  • Type 4 (Kinky Hair)


Type 4 hair

This type of hair is extremely wiry. The fluffy looking texture of this hair makes it hard for the distribution of oil and therefore causes dryness. It is very fine and thin and appears full and thick but in truth it is the most delicate of all hair types. It is the most prone to damage as well. It has the most volume which is due to its thickly packed coils. It can be difficult to style and ironically, it could also be the easiest to style.


Hair is something we are all born with and it is funny how sometimes straight-haired people want curly hair and curly-haired people want straight hair but lets face it, we cannot change the hair we have been given. The most we can do is love and appreciate it, try to understand it, and then care for it.

What hair type do you have?

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  2. […] Different types of Hair: What type of Hair do I have? […]


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